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Storage Beds


Lloyds had been providing customers with bed bases – to match their fitted furniture for approximately 20 years, when Peter Lloyd spotted the ideal mechanism to transform our bed bases from a matching base to even more storage - our very own ‘wardrobe on the floor’. This arm of the company enables clients who only require a bed to acquire a high quality product and clients of Lloyds to create a seamlessly designed bedroom – without the hassle of trying to match a bed to their new room coupled with the luxury of even more storage.

Why choose Lloyds Storage Beds?

Your space and how you organise it is a very personal thing, and in turn, this is the philosophy we adopt with our beds. Our well crafted, affordable storage solutions are the answer to the lack of much needed storage, for children's toys, clothes, shoes, to linen, just about anything!

Design your own storage bed with our unique storage bed online design tool

Your new Lloyds storage bed is a reflection of your own personal taste and style. Everything from size, material, colour and options are available for you to choose online - the only limit is your imagination.

Our range –  a stylish selection of storage beds to meet your every need

Whether you need a storage bed that provides maximum space in smaller area or a luxurious double lift mechanism that makes changing the bed linen a breeze – we have the best solution for you. Choose from our End Lift INFINITY, Side Lift PURE or our End Double Lift SERENE range of storage beds.  Design your storage bed in the colour, material and options of your choice and we’ll build it to your exact specification.  


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