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Fitted Bedrooms FAQS

Please choose an heading below to see responses to frequently asked questions about the llyods fitted bedroom services we provide.

Choosing your perfect fitted furniture.

Q. Can I really have my furniture in any finish, colour, size & style?

A. Yes – unlike most competitors Lloyds gives you complete freedom to choose your dream design. We can also show you many examples from previous satisfied customers to help inspire you. Your room’s fitted furniture is truly bespoke for you. Visit your nearest showroom or call us to arrange a home design visit.

Q. How much input can I have into the design of my furniture?

A. As much as you want. By choosing Lloyds fitted furniture you are able to work with our designers to create a truly unique and individual design which incorporates your personal style. Discuss your ideas with our designers at your home and they will translate them into reality. We will of course advise you on practical issues and endeavour to make your perfect furniture become reality. If you are not sure about design, don’t worry, our designers are full of creative stylish ideas and can advise you on what is right for you and your home.

Q. Do you have a brochure listing all the available options?

A. You can download our brochure here or pick up a printed copy from one of our showrooms. However, these are merely a taster of what we can do for your room! At Lloyds you benefit from thousands of options available to make your dream room real. Visit or call us to discuss making you perfect bespoke fitted furniture.

Q. What I want isn’t shown on the website or brochure – do you do it?

A. Yes, almost certainly! Your Lloyds room is truly made as YOU want it, that’s why you choose our bespoke fitted furniture service. Whether a simple, elegant bedroom or an extravagant home entertainment room, we will work to deliver your dream furniture. Call us or contact us today to discuss how we will make your perfect room real.

Q. Do you provide upholstery?

A. Yes, we can make your headboards, window-seats, whatever you want on your bespoke fitted furniture. You can choose from our upholstery options or let us incorporate your preferred designs or upholstery materials.

Q. Can I see previous work you have undertaken?

A. Yes of course – having done many thousands of bespoke fitted furniture projects you can come to our showroom and look through many photos and testimonials. At Lloyds around 40% of our customers return to buy more furniture for another room or when they move house. Our customers are so delighted with our furniture we pride ourselves on having an exceptionally high level of customer recommendation and referral.

Having a designer visit your home.

Q. Do I have to prepare anything for the home visit?

A. Of course if you have given some thought to your needs it will help our designer, and of course we will need access to measure the room itself. If your room is to be newly built, please have a copy of the architect’s plans at hand. Other than that you don’t need to prepare anything.

Q. Who should meet the designer when they visit?

A. This might sound obvious, but we have found that unless all the main users of the room being furnished are present when our designer visits, a satisfactory outcome that meets everyone’s requirements is less likely to be created. Buying fitted furniture is an important investment in your home, so we strongly advise that anyone who will be involved in making the decision about the investment is also present.

Q. Is there any obligation to order when the designer visits?

A. No. Although it’s a fact that most of our customers do actually place their order with the designer at the time of the visit as they are keen to buy and get their furniture installed. Lloyds furniture offers such excellent value for money when compared to our competitors we do not need to employ high pressure selling techniques.

Q. Can I have a designer visit in the evening or on weekends?

A. Yes, absolutely -call us to arrange the most convenient time to have your appointment. Our designers travel widely across the regions and we will arrange a date and time to suit you.

Designing your furniture

Q. Can you accommodate awkward spaces, alcoves, chimneys or sloping ceilings?

A. Yes – that is a great reason to choose custom-made fitted furniture, nothing is a problem! In fact you’ll be amazed at how much more space you gain – Lloyds fitted furniture maximises every available inch of your space, whilst enhancing the appearance of awkwardly shaped rooms.

Q. What other types of bespoke furniture do Lloyds manufacture?

A. You are welcome to ask us to do ‘something extra’ to complete your room – whether a bar, ottoman stool, special cabinet etc. In our factory we can custom-build fitted furniture to meet a huge range of requirements so let your imagination run free!

Q. Do you offer a kitchen design and fit service?

A. No – Lloyds is purely dedicated to luxury bespoke fitted furniture for bedrooms, home cinema and home offices.

Q. Do you send samples of the colours?

A. We can do this if you wish, but we recommend you visit our showroom or arrange a no-obligation home design visit to be run through the many finishes, colours and styles available for you.

Q. I only have a small room, is it worth having bespoke fitted furniture?

A. Yes – small rooms often benefit most because you gain substantially more storage with our made-tomeasure furniture. Indeed you together with our Clearspace storage beds you add huge extra space to any bedroom, hidden under the bed. No room is too small to benefit from the professional design and fitting of Lloyds fitted furniture. Talk to us and you will realise space you never knew you had!

How your bespoke fitted furniture is made

Q. Is Lloyds furniture made in the United Kingdom?

A. Yes, proudly our bespoke fitted furniture is made in our state-of-the-art factory in Coventry (please watch the factory video). When you choose Lloyds you are supporting the craftsmanship of our team, who continue to uphold the quality and values of our region’s manufacturing history.

Q. Do you provide visualisation of what my new room will look like?

A. Yes – our designer will create a front elevation visualisation when they visit.

Q. What materials do you use?

A. We choose all our materials with great care so they are able to withstand daily use for many years whilst retaining their original beauty. For example unlike many companies, all our bedroom furniture uses exactly the same high quality finish laminate on the side panels and frames as we do on the door and drawer fronts. This ensures a perfect colour match across the whole of the furniture.

Q. How do I know your products are environmentally friendly?

A. Our Green Manufacturing Policy and efforts to reduce our carbon footprint was awarded the runner-up Environmental Award 2010 by the Federation of Small Business (FSB). We take green initiatives very seriously in our manufacturing and choice of suppliers.

How long does it take?

Q. How quickly can the work be done?

A. Your Lloyds fitted furniture is uniquely designed and made-to-order for you, so each job is different. If you have specific deadlines to meet, we will try to work to them if we possibly can. If you have a designer visit your home you can receive final designs very quickly, and delivery could be just 4 to 6 weeks from the date of order.

Pricing & Fiance Options

Q. How much does it cost: is bespoke fitted furniture more expensive than ‘ready-made’?

A. Your home gains outstanding value with bespoke fitted furniture – because you get the maximum possible space, personalisation and luxury, built to exceptional standards that lasts and lasts. For most Lloyds customers, this value is more important than any small cost savings made by compromising on none bespoke ready-made furniture. We can tailor your dream room to fit your budget, and offer a choice of ways to pay. Contact us to receive a free, no-obligation design quote.

Q. Will I need to pay in advance or are flexible payment options available?

A. A 10% deposit is required with your order, then you can choose to pay outright or we can find the best finance option for you.

10 Year Guarantee

Q. Is all my bespoke furniture guaranteed for 10 years?

A. Yes. In fact we design and manufacture Lloyds bespoke fitted furniture to last you for generations. Our customers want a high quality investment and we honour that. Read more about our 10 year guarantee.


Q. Do you offer advice on electrics and lighting?

A. Yes, we will advise you on how new or existing electrics and lighting can become fully integrated into your bespoke fitted furniture.

Q. There is a radiator where I would like the furniture fitting. Is this a problem?

A. Not at all – in fact you have several options, so talk to us and we will advise.

Q. I am planning to redecorate/have a new carpet. Should I do this before or after the furniture is fitted?

A. It depends. We advise you to talk to our designer when they visit and to take their advice as it will vary dependent on what furniture you choose.

Q. Do you use your own fitters? /p>

A. Yes all our fitters are employees of Lloyds – you may have already seen our distinctive black vans in your area! Your bespoke fitted furniture is installed to last so we take great pride in the quality of our installations and the professional service we give you.

Where can I see your fitted furniture?

Q. Where are your showrooms in the Midlands

A. You can visit any of our three showrooms across the Midlands to see examples of popular styles, finishes and storage solutions to help inspire you. And you will find no better place to be receive expert advice on how to design your dream room’s bespoke fitted furniture. Visit these Lloyds Midlands showrooms: Coventry, Leamington Spa, Alcester and Sutton Coldfield.