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Steps to a Clutter Free Home


Homes are getting smaller, mortgages are harder to get and more and more people are living in rented flats and apartments. These smaller properties can quickly be filled with clutter and junk, which can quickly ruin a space’s potential. To get the most out of your rooms, you need to think about how to maximise storage and space in as many ways as possible. Here are few smart storage ideas that will help you clear out your cluttered rooms in no time.

Choose Your Furniture Wisely

If you have a small living room or tiny bedroom, it’s probably best not to pick huge furniture pieces like a corner sofa or a king-size bed as this will just take up space you don’t have. Picking furniture that actually suits your room’s size is the best start to making sure you don’t have a cluttered room. For instance, instead of getting one large table that takes up a lot space, opt for a nest of tables that can be stored away on top of each other when they aren’t being used. Console tables are also a great way to add more space easily into a room. Fitted furniture is one of the best possible solutions to add storage space to a house. As it is customised exactly to the specifications of your rooms, no space is wasted, with available inch being used to add more storage. Installling bespoke fitted furniture is one of the best decisions you can make if you value storage in your home.

Use Vertical Space

It’s easy to forget that there is a large amount of useable space above eye level. In rooms with high ceilings but a small floor area, this can be invaluable. Shelves above doors for items that you don’t use often can be a great way to increase storage space, and can add a unique charm to your rooms. Ladder shelves are also to add vertical storage space without taking up a lot of surface area.

Actually Throw Things Away!

This might seem obvious but so many people are guiltier of hoarding items they don’t need than they realise. Dedicate an entire day to throwing out everything that is doing nothing more than just taking up space. Making a list of all the items in a room is a great way to organise what you need in a room and what you don’t.

Don’t Forget to Tidy Storage Space As well

When decluttering a room, it is easy to take everything and shove it away in storage and pretend you never have to think about it again. Unfortunately, this is just transferring the problem elsewhere and will end up becoming a much worse problem later. Sorting out the entirety of your storage will help make it much easier to move things around and store away things you don’t need in a room for now.

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