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Save space in your bedroom with an Ottoman storage bed

ottoman bed

When designing a bedroom, incorporating bulky storage options like wardrobes & cupboards can take up a lot of valuable space. There is another option that allows you to keep a lot of room freed up however; ottoman storage beds.

Ottoman storage beds provide a convenient, space-saving storage area for clothes & personal belongings built into the body of your bed, cutting out the need for bulky standalone furniture pieces & opening up more space in your bedroom.

Ottoman Storage Beds Made To Your Requirements

When you choose Lloyds for your ottoman storage beds you get full reign over the materials & design. All of our bespoke furniture is hand-built to the highest possible quality by experienced craftsmen, and our ottoman storage beds are no exception.

Every storage bed we make is built to customer specifications, and when you order a bespoke ottoman storage bed from us we’ll use your choice of materials, colours and designs to bring you the exact bed you desire.

Choosing the perfect ottoman storage bed for you

Lloyds Fitted Bedrooms supplies a variety of ottoman beds for you to choose from, each with slightly different features.


The infinity is our most popular range, sporting a spacious inner storage compartment and a beautiful outer image. The Infinity has a top of the range Italian lifting mechanism, and is supplied with a Sealy posturepedic mattress – providing you with superior comfort.

Learn all about the Infinity range here.


Our ultimate top of the range ottoman storage bed, the Serene offers a double lifting system, allowing you to raise the mattress to the height of the Infinity, or carry on going to raise the mattress entirely away from the bed – allowing for ease of access to the storage area and easier bed linen changes.

Explore the Serene Range here to find out more.


The Pure is our single bed alternative storage solution. The Pure is perfect for even the smallest room, and the size makes it ideal for young children too.

Discover the Pure range and learn more here.

All of the bed ranges we have to offer are available in over 50 different finishes with a range of optional extras and your choice of fabrics. If you really want to match your bed to your home, you can send in your own fabric and our master craftsmen will fit your bed with it.

Order Your Bespoke Fitted Ottoman Storage Bed Today From Lloyds

Interested in investing in a stylish, convenient ottoman storage bed as an alternative storage method for your belongings? Visit Lloyds Storage Beds today to learn everything there is to know about our range of ottoman beds.

Got any questions regarding our storage beds or any of our other products and services? Call us on 0800 977 4671. If you’ve already made up your mind, book a free design consultation.

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