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Provide Perfect Family Entertainment With A Bespoke Home Cinema

Without the adequate space it can be difficult to get the family together to watch a movie or play some games – Lloyds Fitted Bedrooms has a solution to this problem. No matter how much space you have in your home, we guarantee we can work a wonderful bespoke home cinema into your surroundings.

Our fitted home cinemas are designed to provide your family with a bespoke home entertainment system that compromises on absolutely nothing. Our master carpenters will work by your specifications, and will do everything they can to ensure that you are left with a brilliant home entertainment system that doesn’t compromise valuable space in the room.

We Can Work A Fitted Home Cinema Into Any Room In Your House

Regardless of size, our experts will aim to provide you with a stylish and cleverly designed bespoke home entertainment system in whatever room you please.

Looking for a fitted home cinema to be built into your living room? We can build your bespoke home theatre system into the surroundings of the room, with clever features like slide-out work tops.

Perhaps you’re looking to incorporate a bespoke home cinema into your bedroom? With our custom TV Rise & Fall units and cleverly designed bed bases designed to hold DVD players and games consoles, we’ll make you a brilliant home theatre system without compromising on space or anything else.

An Array Of Bespoke Home Entertainment Options

The bespoke home cinemas created by our experts can be designed to include a range of different features and options that make them all the more desirable. Want a pull-out platform to hold computer keypads, drinks, games console controllers or anything else? We can build one of those in to your home cinema no problem. Or maybe you’d like a small hidden compartment to store all of those ugly AV wires and electrical components? We can put one of those in too.

If you want your home cinema to be situated in your bedroom but you don’t want to lose any space, we can cater for you with our Rise & Fall TV units – allowing your TV to lower safely into the bed frame when you’re done watching. Our clever bed-bases are also useful – giving you an easy-to-access space to store away your DVD players, games consoles and remotes.

Call Lloyds Today To Discuss Your Fitted Home Theatre System

The team here at Lloyds Fitted Bedrooms go the extra mile to provide you with the best product possible for the space we’re provided with. With master carpenters behind the production of every one of our fitted home cinemas, you can rest assured the bespoke home entertainment system you receive will be everything you wanted and more!

Learn all about Lloyds Bespoke Home Cinemas, or contact us today to discuss the creation of your very own home theatre system.

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