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How To Create The Perfect Home Cinema


Going to the cinema has been a family favourite for generations. With huge screens and booming sound, the cinema has offered a movie experience that has long been difficult to replicate anywhere else. However, with technologies such as Blu-Ray, ultra HD televisions and 5.1 Surround Sound, the feeling of the big screen can now be brought to your home. Lloyds Fitted Bedrooms offers a bespoke range of home cinema and entertainment fitted furniture that can be designed to suit your needs and room perfectly. Here are few tips to keep in mind and some mistakes to avoid when planning a home cinema.

Position Your Television Carefully

Even with the highest definition of TV’s, if you aren’t sitting in the right position, you won’t be able to appreciate the full level of detail available. Each screen resolution has an optimal viewing distance, and this should be taken into consideration when the room is designed. Sittinf too far away from the screen and you will find it difficult to see the finer detail and sitting too close will also decrease perceived quality. Also, make sure you aren’t looking up to view the screen, as this could cause pain and discomfort over an extended period of time.

Get the Lighting Right

Lighting has a huge impact on image quality, so placing the TV in an optimal spot is imperative. Putting the screen in front of direct sunlight will cause glare that can ruin your movie, so don’t place it in front of large windows.  For the true cinema experience consider buying blackout curtains, as this will replicate the dark, hushed environment we have become used to at the cinema.

Make Sure Your Room Can Handle Full Surround Sound

Full surround sound is a fantastic way to immerse you into a film, especially for action flicks, with gunfire and explosions swirling around you. Unfortunately, not all of homes are adequately sized to accommodate this technology. The speakers need to be placed around the room and this means that you’ll need enough room to fit whilst still maintaining the appropriate distance away from the user. This can be very difficult for smaller rooms. You also need to think of the noise pollution that will occur and whether this will affect those surrounding you, as the subwoofer will mean the sounds will travel further. Surround sound isn’t essential for a good home cinema, so it is best to weigh up other options if you room is on the small side.

Don’t Have Exposed Wiring

Wiring on show not only looks bad, but can also be a health hazard if left exposed. For best results, wires should be hidden inside the walls or around the skirting boards. If this isn’t possible, there are lots of simple cable management systems available which can help make them look a bit tidier and easy to store away.

 Choose the Right Room

The biggest factor to how well your entertainment system performs is the room itself. We’ve already mentioned how important the size of the room, but the materials used, the shape and even the colour all play a part in how well the room will work as a home cinema. This requires a lot of planning and may mean you need to redecorate your room entirely to maximise its potential.

Fortunately, Lloyds Fitted Bedrooms offer free design consultations, with expert advice on everything you’d to create an amazing fitted home cinema.

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