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Design Ideas For a Shared Bedroom

Children sharing a bedroom can make furniture and interior design a challenge. Not only do you have to make sure each child has their own space and privacy, but also that all tastes are accommodated for. This can make everything a bit trickier, as opposed to just designing a bedroom for one child. Here a few ideas from Lloyds Fitted Bedrooms to help create the perfect fitted bedroom for more than one child.

  • Make sure each child has enough storage space for their belongings. This is really important because without it, a shared bedroom can become cluttered very quickly. This makes the room look smaller and will make it harder for each child to feel like they have their own personal space. A great way to improve storage space, even in small bedrooms, is fitted wardrobes. Designed to exact room specifications, fitted wardrobes use every inch of space. Shared bedrooms can be awkwardly shaped, so this is perfect to make sure each child has room to keep their things.
  • Neutral colours for wallpaper are a great way to make the decor work for all children sharing the room. Keep more personalised colours and patterns for the bed covers, individual furniture and other more personal pieces. However, try and stick to similar shades and tones as it can look cluttered and messy if you have too many colours in one room.
  • Bunk beds are a great traditional solution for shared bedrooms. Kids love them and they are a great way to save space in what could be cramped conditions. Although, you might have to settle some disputes about who gets the top bunk!
  • Establish separate spaces for each child. Obviously, it doesn’t make practical sense to split a room into smaller ones, but it is possible to create unique areas for each child. Screens and sliding panels can be set up to offer privacy and can easily be moved to open up the entire room when needed. Alternatively, if you have the space you could have two raised bunk beds with desks underneath that will offer each occupant their own space.

For a range of fitted furniture that will be perfect for a children’s shared bedroom, contact Lloyds Fitted Furniture today!





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