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Create More Space In Your Children's Room With A Bespoke Storage Bed


As a parent or guardian of a child you will always want them to be happy. When stuck indoors, children can get bored rather easily – especially if they don’t have a lot of room to play. By investing in a bespoke kid’s storage bed from Lloyds Fitted Bedrooms you are given lots of new storage space, letting you remove bulky storage furnishings and open up much more space for the little ones to play.

Children’s Storage Beds Open Up A Whole Wardrobe Full Of Space

The bespoke single storage beds from Lloyds open up a whole wardrobe worth of space, giving you the room to store anything from clothes to toys, shoes to linen – anything you’d like! By adopting this new storage space you can remove any unwanted large pieces of furniture like wardrobes, cupboards or toy boxes from the room – as your ottoman storage bed will provide the storage space you need.

By removing large furnishings, you’re left with a more spacious room, and the little ones will be thankful that they have much more room to play.

Lloyds Fitted Bedrooms’ Storage Beds Are Available In Any Style

As experienced master carpenters, we put the utmost effort into our ottoman storage beds at Lloyds Fitted Bedrooms. All of our quality children’s storage beds are bespoke, and can be crafted with a range of materials, colours and designs – so you can bring your child’s dream bed to reality.

We take pride in our work, and so all of our children’s storage beds are crafted to the highest quality, and finished to absolute perfection.

Order Kid’s Beds With Storage From Lloyds Fitted Bedrooms Today

If you want to replace bulky furniture pieces in your child’s room with a convenient storage solution, look no further than Lloyds fitted bedrooms. Our kid’s beds with storage are available at affordable prices, and will be designed and created to your specifications by one of our master craftsmen.  

Not only do we provide quality children’s beds with storage, Lloyds fitted bedrooms offers full size double storage beds as stylish and comfortable storage solutions ideal for clothing, shoes, hobby items or anything else you may please.

Order your ottoman storage beds from Lloyds Fitted Bedrooms today for a bespoke storage solution and a comfortable night’s sleep. Contact us for more information. 

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