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Bring Your Bespoke Dream Bedroom To Reality With Our Custom Furniture

Everybody wants to bring their dream bedroom to reality in their home, but with the stress of busy everyday life it can be difficult to find the time to build the perfect bedroom. At Lloyds Fitted Bedrooms we think everybody should be able to wind down in their dream room at the end of every day and with our bespoke furniture creation and installation services, we can make that happen.

Why Choose Lloyds For Your Bespoke Furniture

Lloyds Fitted Bedrooms has been designing, making and installing bespoke fitted furniture in homes for over 35 years. With many years experience and expertise, our team is capable of making a number of custom bedroom furnishings to suit the specifications and designs that you desire.

The services we offer will help to create character within a room with custom one-of-a-kind furnishings while maximising space with clever bespoke designs, so whether you’re looking to redesign an entire bedroom or replace a single furnishing, we can help you to bring your dream bedroom to reality with our custom furniture solutions.

Our Fitted Bedroom Furniture

We can create a wide range of fitted bedroom furniture pieces for your home, from space-maximising wardrobes to storage beds – and anything in-between.

Find out more about our fitted bedroom furniture making services.

Sliding Wardrobes

Our custom sliding wardrobes are crafted to suit your specifications using the finest colours, designs and finishes. These bespoke wardrobes aim to maximise space in a room by creating a well organised storage area that’s built into the room; removing the need for spacious stand alone furniture pieces like wardrobes and drawers. Our sliding wardrobes can be customised with a range of different features to further maximise space and offer convenience like pull-out clothing racks, curved rails and pull-out TV stands.

Ottoman Storage Beds

Lloyds’ is capable of creating brilliant ottoman storage beds, offering unmatchable customisation and a large convenient storage space. Our storage beds are crafted with a sturdy fold-up top and reliable Italian lifting mechanism to allow easy access to the deep hollow bed-base for storage.

Our bespoke storage beds can be made to your specifications, and with your choice of colours, size, materials and additional extras, Lloyds Fitted Bedrooms offers ultimate customisation to the customer.

Cupboards, Desks and Other Bespoke Furnishings

As well as our wonderful ottoman storage beds and sliding wardrobes, Lloyds’ furniture makers are capable of creating a range of other custom furnishings for your home upon request. Whether you’re looking to have a custom desk, cupboard, or bespoke TV & entertainment unit installed in your bedroom, our services will have you covered.

Build Your Dream bedroom With Help From Lloyds

If you are interested in revitalising your room with some custom bedroom furniture from Lloyds, don’t hesitate! Contact us today on 0800 977 4671 to speak to a member of our team, or book a free design consultation online.

Wish to see some examples of our bespoke furniture? Visit one of our showrooms today.

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