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Bring The Party Home With A Bespoke Home Bar

Home Bar

At the end of a night out with family or friends sometimes it’s best to come home, but when everyone’s having so much fun this can be rather difficult. At Lloyds Fitted Bedrooms we realise this, that’s why we produce quality bespoke home bars.

Whether you’re after a place to bring the party back to, or you’re looking to host them from your own home, Lloyds Fitted Bedroom’s bespoke home bar furniture is perfect for creating a party space in the comfort of your home.

Design a Home Bar to Your Specifications

At Lloyds, all of our bespoke furniture is handcrafted by master carpenters to suit your specifications. That means that when you buy from Lloyds fitted bedrooms you can design a home bar and we’ll build it to your wants and needs. Fancy large shelving units? Or perhaps a built in fridge? No problem – the craftsmen here at Lloyds can build your home bar furniture to your exact desires.

Before we build your home bar, we will measure up your desired location. This way, you can be sure that the home bar furniture our carpenters build for you will be the perfect fit.

Choose From a Range Of Styles and Colours

As we’ve said, your bespoke home bar furniture is designed entirely to your desires. This allows you to choose from a whole range of styles and colours. Our master carpenters can design your bespoke home bar to suit its surroundings. Whether you dream of a modern home bar or a traditional home bar – we can make it a reality.

Your modern or traditional home bar furniture can be finished in any colour you’d like, whether that means it’s painted red, white or black, or simply left with the original wood grain effect. When you come to Lloyds we will produce your bespoke home bar in any colours or styles, and ensure a top-quality finish on your furniture.

Order Your Bespoke Home Bar Furniture Today

If you’re looking to design a home bar exactly to your specifications and have it produced to exact measurements in a selection of colours, styles or designs – look no further than Lloyds Fitted Bedrooms.
Book your free design consultation today, or contact a member of our team on 0800 977 4671.

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