How much is a Standard Wardrobe Depth?

A standard wardrobe depth can vary depending upon it’s uses. 

Standard Wardrobe Depth

Sliding Doors. Standard wardrobe depth.

How much depth that is needed can depend on what is to be stored within. For example, most free standing wardrobes comprise of 600 mm standard depth, however if you are searching for more space for suits and coats, more storage is likely to be needed. 

Industry standard recommends a minimum of 24″ for suits and dresses, a minimum of 28″ for coats and a minimum of 16″ for other clothing.

Obviously for a lot of people the standard wardrobe depth is suitable for all forms of clothing, however for our Customers who require bespoke furniture that offers built-to-measure space, with expert advice from our interior designers and custom designed to a high quality and increased luxury, fitted wardrobes are the ideal solution.

Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Sliding-DoorsFitted sliding wardrobe doors offer more opportunities for storage than the standard wardrobe depth. If you have more clothes than the average person, or you want more quality and luxury within your bedroom, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t? Then the bespoke features of sliding doors are likely to be what you are looking for.

  • Custom designed with your choice of glass, style, finish and handles.
  • Made-to-measure for your clothing, depth and storage needs.
  • Innovative storage solutions which make organisation and keeping your belongings tidy a lot easier.
  • Speak to an experienced interior designer who will advise you and work with you to create your perfect solution.

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